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What year did Mike Jackson record 40 or more saves?McGwire hit many HR that year.
In 2005, Jason Isringhausen tied whose Cardinals team record for saves in a season?First to 400.
Who was the last pitcher before Chris Hammond to hit a grand slam?Won 20 games for Cards in '77.
Who was the Florida Marlins bullpen coach in 2006?Pitched for Cubs in '88, from '90-'93.
How many one-hitters did Pete Harnisch throw in 1993?Verlander has that many no-hitters.
In 1993, who set the initial record for most saves by an expansion reliever?Marlins closer in '93.
Who is the only catcher in Major League history to catch two perfect games?Oakland backstop, '88-'90.
Who was the Cincinnati Reds first base coach in 2006?Astros' OF, '86-'89.
Who became the fourth Colorado Rockies outfielder ever to collect 10 or more assists in a season?Hit .293 in 2006.
Who was the New York Mets general manager in 1977?Mets GM between Scheffing and Cashen.
Who is the only player to hit 50 home runs in one season, then steal 50 bases in another season?50 HR in '96.
Kevin Bass is the cousin to which former NFL wide receiver?Football HoF class, '03.
Ellis Burks is cousin to which former Cubs player? Cubs OF, 1999-2002.
Which team did Sparky Anderson manage in 1978?1975 WS champs.
Who was the first black manager in the majors?Hit over 500 HR.
Who won more games in a single season--Casey Stengel, Miller Huggins or Ralph Houk? Played from '04 to '16.
Who was the 1956 California League MVP?Brooklyn Dodgers' OF, '46-'50.
What was the first year of the Nebraska State League's existence?Pre-1900.
How many World Series rings did Pinch Thomas win?Quite a few.
When did Dave Valle become broadcaster for the Mariners?Playing career ended 1996.
What war did Slats Jordan fight in?Played from 1901 to 1902.
How many doubles did Lyman Lamb hit in 1924?A LOT.
Brian Dayett appeared as a pinch hitter in his big league debut. Who did he pinch hit for? '70s Pirates speedster.
Who was the first pitcher to throw a major league pitch in Canada?Cardinals SP, '65-'68.
What league did Boss Schmidt begin his professional career in?MO league from '02-'04.

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