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Can you name the Marvel movie villains by their origin stories?

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Origin StoryVillainPortrayed by:
Once a good friend of Captain America, he was brainwashed into fighting for Hydra.
After being snubbed by Tony Stark years ago, this man created a long running revenge plan through AIM to defeat him.
A fanatical Kree warrior, he betrays Thanos and attempts to use an infinity stone to destroy Xandar.
Built by Tony Stark as a peacekeeping mechanoid, this rogue AI tried to destroy the world with lasers and sarcasm.
A notorious terrorist...or maybe just a soccer fan.
After he tried taking Super Soldier serum himself, this red faced WWII warrior tried to rule the world himself. Hail Hydra!
He sends an army of Frost Giants to Asgard after discovering his real father. Later, he tried to take down the whole of New York City.
Undergoing experimental super soldier treatment, he mutates into a hideous form and goes on a destructive rampage.
Leading a once thought destroyed army, this Dark Elf warrior led an attack on Asgard.
After his father dies without any credit, this Russian builds his own arc reactor to destroy Iron Man.
Realizing that Tony Stark no longer wants to manufacture weapons, this guy suits up to kill him off.
In a desperate attempt to prove himself better than his mentor, he steals plans for a shrinking super suit and plans to monetize them for war.

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