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Can you name these Batman foes by their origin stories?

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Origin StoryVillainReal Name
Following his supposed death by a crowbar, this former sidekick returns as a villainous leader of street thugs.
After attempting to make a device that would give humans sonar hearing, his experiment failed and caused him to mutate into a flying rodent.
A famous assassin who 'never misses his mark', he can shoot just about anyone.
After reading a newspaper article about Batman, he becomes an 'anti-Batman' by hiring himself out to criminals to help them avoid capture.
Obsessed with special dates and holidays, he only commits crimes on certain days of the year.
A delusional man obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, he commits all of his crimes in an attempt to find his 'Alice'.
A failed game show host who became obsessed with leaving clues to each of his crimes. Father of a Robin.
A murderer who always marks his skin with a tally mark after he makes a kill.
Born with a rare skin condition, he goes from being a sideshow performer to a wild, cannibalistic human hybrid.
After spending much of his life in prison living out his father's sentence, he was given the drug 'Venom' and became super strong.
Question: Who wears green, purple, and causes crimes in a manner of a puzzle?
A famous mercenary who often is contracted to fight heroes. He also often fights the Green Arrow.
Obsessed with the idea of fear, this former psychologist weaponized it in order to see what makes people tick.
Raised by two criminal parents, he watches them get gunned down by the police directly in front of him. Growing up, he swears an oath to destroy the law enforcement.
A failed actor who tries killing the cast of a remake of one of his old movies. Later, he gained the ability to morph his skin into other forms with some mutant blood.
A small, fat, bird-like man who, with his criminal wealth, makes all his crimes resolve around birds and umbrellas.
Origin StoryVillainReal Name
A childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who attempts to kill his parents to inherit the family fortune. When his plan fails, he swears vengeance on the Wayne family.
When his wife, Nora, became deathly ill, he froze her to try to save her. But, when the experiment went wrong, he became forced to live in an ice suit.
A child prodigy well versed in politics and philosophy, he attempts to incite rebellions when fighting the Bat.
The first villain to find out that Batman is Bruce Wayne. He is generally a mad scientist who creates monsters to fight Batman.
Also known as 'the Demon's Head', this villain leads the legendary League of Assassins.
An ecofriendly girl who falls in love with her professor and is injected with many natural toxins. This, unknowingly to both of them, causes her to transform and mutate.
A failed stand up comic, he falls into a chemical vat and promptly goes insane.
After being murdered and left in a swamp, his body becomes reanimated and loses practically all ties to his past self.
A colorblind villain, he attempts to leave clues on his next crime in his own paintings.
A jewel thief who has an on-again, off-again love interest with Batman.
A former Defense Attorney who, after having acid splashed on his face, became obsessed with the duality of everything.
An avid fan of kites, he created a series of 'trick kites' to cause a crime spree in Gotham.
Born to careless rich parents, he burnt down the family mansion and killed them both. As a crime lord, he carved a mask from his father's ebony casket.
After killing the owner of a supposedly possessed puppet, him and his puppet together go out on large crime sprees.
A former psychiatrist who fell in love with a certain 'Mr. J'.

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