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Forced Order
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Fictional ArticleGame
Now hiring: Single commando willing to clean up hellspawn on Mars. Shotgun recommended.
Fantastic man in red suit saves world. Absolutely best guy who ever lived, and best part of this quiz. Any ladies up for chimichangas?
Report: Clown Prince of Crime dead. Everyone except Caped Crusader happy.
Plumber steals coins from block storage after committing mushroom genocide.
Ancient scepter storing Demon Lord stolen from Kingdom of Trodain. Jester at large.
Mass conversion to Greece from Egypt. 'Wololo', says priest.
Prisoner escaped execution, proceeded to murder the Emperor. 'Always was shouting' says guard.
Blond haired former terrorist seeks retribution. Silver haired terrorist seeks Mother-in-a-Jar.
Fictional ArticleGame
Leviathan destroys Norion. Four bounty hunters sent to identify cause.
Information on the location of the Bhaalspawn? Don't hesitate to call Sarevok with information.
Mavericks hunted by two Maverick Hunters. Please contact with information on the whereabouts of units Sigma or Vile.
Now Wanted: Members of Earthrealm willing to die in violent glory. Street fighters need not apply.
Cave Johnson suffers Asbestos poisoning. Future of company in question.
Crazed zookeeper unleashes tigers into park. 'Bathroom costs $10!' complains visitor.
Terrorists destroy Statue of Liberty. Silhouette suspected.

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