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QuestionAnswerFun Facts
On 4th November 2013, what was the place in Manchester called where they performed?
In the logo design of the 2013 tour shirts, what can be seen in the background?
Which Bob Marley/Connie Talbot song did they perform on tour in 2013
And which Ke$ha song did they perform on their 2013 tour?
Which Will.I.Am song did they perform on their 2013 tour?
What 'punishment' did Amanda give Jamar when he stole Amanda's microphone and told cheesy jokes in manchester?
Which song was number one in 2012?
What are their covers on Youtube called?
Who is the lead singer?
Who is the guitarist?
Who is the drummer?
Who is the bassist?
Which country do they come from?
Which singer does Amanda often get compared to?
Who did the band once compare Jamar to?
Which song was their debut single?
What is their first album called?
QuestionAnswerFun Facts
What is their EP called?
Who was caught on the red carpet staring at Amanda's butt?
Who met Amanda and then forgot her name?
Which boy band was a supporting act for Cover Drive's first tour?
Which former XFactor girl was a supporting act for Cover Drive's tour?
Which DJ was a supporting act for Cover Drive's tour?
Who has an obsession with Jordans?
What is the stick man wearing Jordans that T-Ray created called?
What is their Nerf War called
Who confesses they eat the most out of the band?
Who is Amanda rumoured to be in love with?
What name have fans given T-Ray and Amanda?
What is their weekly webisodes called?
Which singer have Cover Drive been on tour with?
Which rapper have they been on tour with
When on tour with JLS, which other act did they like to prank?

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