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Can You Guess The Date Of These Historical Events?

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When did Louis XIV come to throne? 
When did the 30 Years War begin? 
When did the 30 Years War end? 
When was Gustavus Adolphus killed in battle? 
When was the Peace of Westphalia signed? 
When was Santa Fe, or 'Holy Faith', established? 
When was the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle signed? 
When was slavery abolished in Russia? 
When did the United States of America declare it's independence from Great Britain? 
When was the first settlement in Sydney, Australia established? 
When was Antarctica discovered? 
When was the Canadian Confederation formed? 
When did America purchase Alaska from Russia? 
When does Cuba gain independence of Spain? 
When does WW1 begin? 
When does America join in WW1? 
When was Peal Harbor bombed? 

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