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She didn't like him at first, so stern and cold, didn't like him like that, 17 years old. Didn't know she loved him, just the boy next door
Don't have to sweep me off my feet, it's here with you right in the street
You're not gonna pick me up in a pick up truck you drive an Suv
He gave me his words, but they were half-hearted, still louder than the voice in my head sayin' 'run'
One day, she's gonna make you breakfast, bring it into bed on your birthday and she'll know exactly how you like your coffee
Here we are just standing speechless, here we are my heart's in pieces on the ground now
You've got a piece of me like the golden sky's got a piece of violet
The way you laugh, I can hear it in the rain, that look you had the first time that you asked me for my name
She's so lucky, it's so easy for her, I wonder what it's like to be here, it looks sweeter oh it must be a fairytale life
August didn't write too much, too caught up in your green eyes and you will see the teardrop on the day you did what you swore you would never do

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