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A surface estimated by the level to which cased wells will rise. This surface represents total head which includes elevation head and pressure head. It represents the height above
A measure of how well a material can transmit water.
The amount of moisture loss from the transpiration of plants and the evaporation from soils.
The water in a stream that comes from groundwater. It sustains the stream during periods of no precipitation.
A landscape shaped by the dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock such as limestone or dolomite.
An aquifer in which there are no confining beds between the zone of saturation and the surface.
A distinct surface of contact between two sedimentary rock layers.
The condition under which one or more of the hydraulic properties of an aquifer vary according to the direction of flow.
An aquifer that is overlain by a confining bed. The confining bed has a significantly lower hydraulic conductivity than the aquifer
The angle of the inclined surface below the imaginary horizontal plane.
A confined aquifer containing groundwater that will flow upward through a well without the need for pumping
Small to medium-sized cavities inside rock that may be formed through a variety of processes
A measure of how much water can be transmitted horizontally through an aquifer. It equals the hydraulic conductivity multiplied by the aquifer thickness
A large anticline on which minor folds are superimposed
The porosity that represents the original pore openings when a rock or sediment formed
Area around the well that contributes groundwater to the well.
The lowering of the water table around a well in the shape of an inverted cone; this occurs when water is pumped from an aquifer faster than it can be replenished
Sedimentary rock consisting of silicate minerals
The pressure of the weight of overburden, or overlying rock, on a formation; also called geostatic pressure.
The scientific study of landforms and the processes that shape them
Sediment that builds up at the bottom of a slope that has been transported by gravity.
A fracture in rock along which there has been no displacement
The direction of a line formed by the intersection of the inclined surface (bedding, fault plane, etc.) and an imaginary horizontal plane
One of a classification of soils that groups them according to their water infiltration characteristics and their potential runoff characteristics
A large syncline on which minor folds are superimposed
A trough-shaped fold with youngest strata in the center
An arch shaped fold with the oldest rocks in the center
The ability of a porous material to transmit a fluid
An aquifer confined by a low-permeability layer that permits water to slowly flow through it. During pumping of the aquifer, recharge to the aquifer can occur across the confining
The characteristic structure of sedimentary rocks in which layers of different composition, grain size or arrangement are stacked one on top of another in a sequence with oldest at
A small diameter water well used to measure the hydraulic head of groundwater in aquifers.
An unconsolidated accumulation of stream-deposited sediments, including sands, silts, clays or gravels.
The porosity that has been caused by fractures or weathering in a rock or sediment after it has been formed
The condition under which water flows more easily through an aquifer in one direction than another.
Pertaining to a substance having different characteristics in different locations. A synonym is non-uniform.
Measure of water pressure within the aquifer.

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