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Can you name the Gerunds as Subjects?

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It is fun to study English (WRITE THE SENTENCE)
It's not healthy to eat pizza everyday
It's boring to wait for the bus
It's convenient to pay with a card
It confuses me to see you this way
It makes me happy to be healthy
It bothered me to wait in line
It annoys me to have to clean my room
Spending money _____ very easy! (ANSWERS BELOW - JUST ONE WORD!!!)
Being disciplined and saving money ____ more difficult tasks.
Dancing in the streets last night_____ not very safe.
Playing basketball with my friends ____ one of my favorite hobbies.
Becoming a doctor will (take) a lot of time
Being famous (have) a lot of benefits
Reading books (teach) children about the world
Smiling and thinking good thoughts both (help) me feel better

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