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Can you name the values of the following important physical and mathematical constants to two decimal places?

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Name and Common SymbolValueUnits
Elementary Charge (e)C
Square Root of 2Dimensionless
Planck Constant (h)J*s
Stefan-Boltzmann Constant (Sigma)W/(m^2*K^4)
Avogadro's Number (N_A)mol^-1
Fine Structure Constant (Alpha)Dimensionless
Golden Ratio (Phi)Dimensionless
Bohr Radius (a_0)m
Speed of Light in Vacuum (c)m/s
Rydberg Constant (R)m^-1
Name and Common SymbolValueUnits
Permeability of Free Space (Mu_0)N/A^2
Bohr Magneton (Mu_B)J/T
Reduced Planck Constant (h-bar)J*s
Electron Mass (m_e)kg
Universal Gravitational Constant (G)N*m^2/kg^2
Boltzmann Constant (k)J/K
Euler's Number (e)Dimensionless
Proton Mass (m_p)kg
Permittivity of Free Space (Epsilon_0)F/m

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