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Can you name the Nobel Prize winners in physics according by the discovery that landed them the Prize?

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Nobel Committee's RationaleLaureate(s)Year
'In recognition of the extraordinary services he has rendered by the discovery of the remarkable rays subsequently named after him'1901
'For their joint researches on the radiation phenomena discovered by Professor Henri Becquerel'1903
'For their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy'1909
'For his work on the equation of state for gases and liquids'1910
'For their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays'1915
'For the services he rendered to the advancement of Physics by his discovery of energy quanta'1918
'For his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect'1921
'For his services in the investigation of the structure of atoms and of the radiation emanating from them'1922
'For his work on the elementary charge of electricity and on the photoelectric effect'1923
'For their discovery of the laws governing the impact of an electron upon an atom'1925
'For his discovery of the effect named after him'1927
'For his discovery of the wave nature of electrons'1929
'For his work on the scattering of light and for the discovery of the effect named after him'1930
'For the creation of quantum mechanics, the application of which has, inter alia, led to the discovery of the allotropic forms of hydrogen'1932
'For the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory'1933
Nobel Committee's RationaleLaureate(s)Year
'For the discovery of the neutron'1935
'For his demonstrations of the existence of new radioactive elements produced by neutron irradiation, and for his discovery of nuclear reactions brought about by slow neutrons'1938
'For the discovery of the Exclusion Principle, also called the _____ Principle'1945
'For his prediction of the existence of mesons on the basis of theoretical work on nuclear forces'1949
'For his fundamental research in quantum mechanics, especially for his statistical interpretation of the wavefunction'1954
'For his researches concerning the resonance absorption of gamma radiation and his discovery in this connection of the effect which bears his name'1961
'For his pioneering theories for condensed matter, especially liquid helium'1962
'For their fundamental work in quantum electrodynamics, with deep-ploughing consequences for the physics of elementary particles'1965
'For his decisive contributions to elementary particle physics made possible through his development of the technique of using hydrogen bubble chamber and data analysis'1968
'For his contributions and discoveries concerning the classification of elementary particles and their interactions'1969
'For fundamental work and discoveries in magneto-hydrodynamics with fruitful applications in different parts of plasma physics'1970
'For their discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation'1978
'For their contributions to the theory of the unified weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles, including the prediction of the weak neutral current'1979
'For his theoretical studies of the physical processes of importance to the structure and evolution of the stars'1983
'For their decisive contributions to the large project which led to the discovery of the field particles W and Z, communicators of weak interaction'1984

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