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Can you name the the following persons involved in MLB's 20 greatest games according to MLB Network?

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He waved it fair and kept hope alive in Boston.1975 WS Game 6
This Twins pitcher went the distance...and then went a little further.1991 WS Game 7
Vin Scully: 'Behind the bag! It gets through _____!'1986 WS Game 6
He wasn't the fastest baserunner, but this Brave still beat out Barry Bonds' throw with a dramatic slide into home.1992 NLCS Game 7
This Met snuffed the Astros' 16th inning rally by striking out Kevin Bass.1986 NLCS Game 6
A curse held strong as this fan became the most hated man in Chicago.2003 NLCS Game 6
This Yankee crushed a knuckleball...along with every heart in New England.2003 ALCS Game 7
This manager was visibly shocked as not one of his Angels in the outfield could get to Dave Henderson's 9th inning blast.1986 ALCS Game 5
This Diamondback beat the invincible Mo with the mightiest of bloop singles.2001 WS Game 7
Jack Buck couldn't believe this Dodger's walk-off home run.1988 WS Game 1
New Englanders often provide this light-hitting Yankees shortstop with a colorful middle name.1978 AL East Tie Breaker
Reggie Jackson reigned as 'Mr. October', but some well-timed walk-off heroics earned this man the title of 'Mr. November'.2001 WS Game 4
The first of his TWO career World Series winning hits ended this contest in the bottom of the 11th.1997 WS Game 7
Tom Cheek: 'Touch 'em all _____! You'll never hit a bigger home run in your life!'1993 WS Game 6
This Mariner hit 'The Double' and quite possibly kept the M's in the Emerald City.1995 ALDS Game 5
This Twin atoned for his baserunning mistake in the previous inning by hitting a walk-off single in the bottom of the 12th.2009 AL Central Tie Breaker
An 86 year old curse began to wane with his crucial 9th inning, pinch-run steal of second base.2004 ALCS Game 4
The Phillies stunned this Hall of Fame Astros pitcher with some relentless smallball in the 8th.1980 NLCS Game 5
This Marlins catcher held on to the ball after a collision with JT Snow, sealing the series win.2003 NLDS Game 4
Despite this Cubs slugger's three homers, the Phillies still edged the Cubbies 23-22 after 10 innings. The wind was clearly blowing out of Wrigley that day.May 17, 1979

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