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Can you name the Warrior cats by description?

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Description and familyCat nameFamily
Black she- cat with green eyesMother: Leafpool Father: Crowfeather Brothers: Lionblaze, Jayfeather
Dappled, dark golden tabby she- cat with amber eyesMother: Sasha Father: Tigerstar/Tigerclaw Brothers: Hawkfrost, Tadpole
Silver tabby she- cat with sky blue eyesMother: Silverstream Father: Graystripe Brother: Stormfur
Pale gray tabby she- cat with darker flecksMother: Robinwing Father: Fuzzypelt Sister: Frostfur Brothers: Ravenpaw, Dustpelt Mate: Redtail Daughters: Ferncloud, Sandstorm Son: Ashfur
Black tom with dark gray eyesMother: Mistystar Sister: Primrosepaw Brothers: Perchkit, Pikepaw
Dark brown tabby tom with orange eyes and a bent tailMother: Yellowfang Father: Raggedstar Sisters: Hopekit, Wishkit
Flame colored she- cat with forest green eyes and one white pawMother: Sandstorm Father: Firestar Sister: Leafpool Mate: Bramblestar Daughters: Sparkpelt, Dandelionkit Sons: Alderheart, Juniperkit
Dark gray tabby tom with black stripes and yellow eyesMother: Willowpelt Father: Tawnyspots
Dark blue- gray tom with blue eyesMate: Moonflower Daughters: Bluestar, Snowfur
Bright ginger tom with yellow eyesMother: Larksong Father: Flamenose Brother: Featherwhisker
Description and familyCat nameFamily
Dark gray tom with golden eyesMother: Quiet Rain Sister: Fluttering Bird Brothers: Skystar, Jagged Peak Mates: Turtle Tail, Slate Daughter: Silver Stripe Sons: Black Ear, White Tail
Light brown tabby she- cat with heather- blue eyesMate: Breezepelt Daughters: Smokehaze, Brindlewing
Brown tabby she- cat with gray eyesBrothers: Talon of Swooping Eagle, Teller of the Pointed Stones Mate: Stormfur Daughter: Lark That Sings at Dawn Son: Pine That Clings to Rock
Snow white tom with blue eyesMother: Princess Mate: Brightheart Daughters: Whitewing, Ambermoon Sons: Snowbush, Dewnose
Black tom with twisted pawMother: Meadowslip Father: Hickorynose Sister: Sorrelpaw Brother: Pigeonpaw Mate: Ashfoot Son: Crowfeather
White she- cat with black splotches and amber eyesMother: Pebbleshine Father: Hawkwing Sister: Twigbranch Mate: Tree
Dark brown tiger striped tabby tom with dark amber eyesMother: Tawnypelt Father: Rowanclaw/Rowanstar Sister: Tawnpelt Brother: Flametail Mate: Dovewing Daughters: Pouncekit, Lightkit Son: Shadowkit
Silver and white tabby she- cat with dark blue eyesMother: Whitewing Father: Birchfall Sister: Dovewing Mate: Fernsong Daughters: Bristlekit, Thriftkit Son: Flipkit
Pale cream and brown tabby she- cat with amber eyesMate: Billystorm Daughters: Firefern, Stormheart Son: Harrybrook
Light brown tabby tom with green eyes and a twisted jawMother: Rainflower Father: Shellheart Brother: Oakheart Mate: Willowbreeze Daughters: Silverstream, Willowkit, Minnowkit

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