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Which variety of summer squash shaped like a cucumber is also known as a courgette?
Which word is often used as a synonym for Jerusalem?
Which silvery-white metal is combined with copper to make brass?
Which structure that takes the form of a terraced pyramid has a flat platform at its apex?
What name is given to a corpse revived by witchcraft in certain African and Caribbean religions?
In Greek mythology who was king of the Gods?
Which kind of 1940s male suit had a long, loose jacket with padded shoulders and high-waisted tapering trousers?
Which largest city of Switzerland is a major international financial centre?
Which type of rigid airship developed in Germany first flew in 1900?
Over 1,300 British troops were killed at the Battle of Isandlwana 1879 by which South African tribesmen?
Which black and white carnivorous mammal that resembles a skunk inhabits arid regions of southern Africa?
The Victoria Falls stand on which fourth-longest river in Africa?
Which character created in 1919 by Johnston McCulley is a dashing black-clad masked outlaw?
Which African mammal of the horse family has a distinctive black and white striped coat?
Which many coloured gemstone is sometimes looked upon as a cheap diamond simulant?
What name is given to the astrological circle divided into twelve parts?
Which African island merged with Tanganyika in 1964 and created Tanzania?
What common name is given to the fighter aircraft operated by the Japanese Navy 1940-45?
Who was the last king of Albania reigning 1928–39?
What was the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo?
Which form of Buddhism called Chán was developed in China during the 6th century?

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