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Can you answer these general knowledge questions that all begin with the letter 'Y'?

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Which long living tree is associated with the longbow and graveyards?
Which form of singing associated with Switzerland involves repeated changes of pitch during a single note?
Which domesticated ox is used as a pack animal in Tibet, Mongolia and eastern Russia?
Which Hindu discipline involves meditation, bodily postures, and is practised for health and relaxation?
Which toy consists of a length of string and a spool that falls and rises via gravity?
Whitehorse is the capital of which Canadian federal territory?
Which word is an archaic term for Christmas?
Chutzpah, Kosher and Schlock are all words used in which historical language?
What name is given to a wooden beam used to harness a pair of draft animals?
What word is used for a young upwardly-mobile professional?
What is the name of the collapsible circular tent of felt or skins used by nomads in Mongolia and Siberia?
What is the capital of Armenia?
Which vine is cultivated for its edible tubers in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Oceania?
Which river is the longest in China and Asia?
Which United States National Park in California was established in 1890?
What name is given to the Mongol dynasty that ruled China 1271–1368?
Which Belgian city gives its name to three major battles during WWI?
Which creature also known as the Abominable Snowman is said to live high in the Himalayas?
Which semi-solid sourish food is prepared from milk fermented by added bacteria?
Which song written by Paul McCartney has been covered more than 2,200 times?
Which fungi is used in alcohol fermentation and baking?

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