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Can you name the things in the natural world that begin with the letter 'W'?

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Which small songbird has dark-brown plumage and a short cocked tail?
Which carnivorous mammal with a long slender body, long tail and short legs is similiar to a stoat?
What name is given to a burrowing invertebrate animal with a long slender soft body and no limbs?
Which large East African antelope is well known for its annual migration to new grazing grounds?
Which bird has a strong bill for drilling and drumming on trees and a long tongue for extracting food?
Which Australasian marsupial is similar to but smaller than a kangaroo?
Which whale living mainly in Arctic coastal waters is also called the 'Beluga whale'?
Which small beetle with an elongated snout is a pest in crops or stored foodstuffs?
What other name can be used for the North American Elk?
Which dog bred for racing is a cross between a greyhound and a terrier or spaniel?
Which kind of sea snail with a pointed spiral shell is sometimes eaten as seafood?
Which slow-moving shark feeding mainly on plankton is the largest living fish?
Which flying insect known for its sting preys mostly on pest insects?
Which wild carnivorous mammal is the largest member of the dog family living and hunting in packs?
What name is given to an African wild pig with a large head, lumps on the face, and curved tusks?
Which ferocious muscular carnivore resembling a small bear is also known as a glutton, carcajou or skunk bear?
The wrinkled edible seed of which deciduous tree consists of two halves contained within a hard shell?
Which burrowing plant-eating Australian marsupial resembles a small bear with short legs?
Which tree of the genus Salix is traditionally used for wickerwork and making cricket bats?
Which songbird has a long tail that is frequently wagged up and down and typically lives by water?
Which large Arctic ocean marine mammal related to seals has two large downward-pointing tusks?
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