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Name the following people and events associated with English history that begin with the letter 'W'.

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Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon Bonaparte at which battle of 1815?
George V was the first monarch of the House of ......?
Which king of England was nicknamed 'Rufus'?
Who was Prime Minister of the UK 1964-70 and 1974-76?
Which author of science fiction 1866-1946 wrote ''The War of the Worlds', 'The Time Machine' and 'The Invisible Man'?
Which Romantic poet 1770-1850 wrote 'Daffodils', 'Lucy Gray' and 'The Prelude'?
Who was the first Prime Minister of Great Britain 1721-42?
Which pantomime character was in real life c.1354-1423 an MP and four-time Mayor of London?
Who was Henry VIII's Chief Minister from 1515 until shortly before his death in 1530?
Which Anglican cleric 1703-91 is credited with founding the Methodist movement?
What name is given to the Anglo-Saxon assembly of the ruling class that advised the king?
Who was principal secretary and spymaster 1532-90 to Elizabeth I?
Which potter and abolitionist 1730-95 is credited with the industrialisation of the manufacture of pottery?
Which RAF engineering officer is credited with independently inventing the turbojet engine in the 1930s?
Which engineer 1887-1979 is best known for inventing the bouncing bomb used by RAF 'Dam Busters' in 1943?
Which Major General was the victor of the Battle of Quebec 1759 where he was killed?
Which politician and philanthropist 1759-1833 was the political leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade?
In which battle of 1460 was Richard, Duke of York killed during the Wars of the Roses?
At which final battle of the English Civil War was the future Charles II defeated in 1651?
Who was the first man to swim the English Channel, in 1875?

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