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Can you name the things in the natural world that begin with the letter 'V'?

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Which carnivorous plant native to the south-eastern US has hinged leaves that spring shut and digest insects which land on them?
Which adjective relates to a fox or foxes?
Which large bird of prey with a head and neck bare of feathers feeds chiefly on carrion?
Which spice is most widely used as flavouring in pastries, confections and other desserts?
What name is given to plants considered collectively and the ground cover they provide?
Which bat feeds primarily on blood, particularly that of livestock such as cattle and horses?
Which part of a plant carries water and nutrients through its system and is most noticeable on the leaf?
What name is given to a plantation of grape-bearing vines grown mainly for winemaking?
What name is given to a female fox?
Which climbing North American vine chiefly cultivated for its red autumn foliage is known as the '.......' Creeper?
Which type of pasta means 'little worms' in Italian?
Which small rodent is commonly mistaken for a mole, gopher, mouse or rat?
What name is given to the meat of a young calf?
What name is given to a person who does not eat meat or fish, and sometimes other animal product?
Which liquid is obtained by fermentation of dilute alcoholic liquids and used as a condiment?
Carrots, parsnips and potatoes are all examples of what?
What name is given to various types of insects or animals which cause harm and annoyance, eg rodents?
What name is given to a winemaker or wine merchant?
What name is given to a mountain with a crater through which lava erupts from the earth's crust?
Adder, Bushmaster and Copperhead are types of what?
What name is given to the meat of a game animal, especially a deer?
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