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QUIZ: Can you answer these general knowledge questions that all begin with the letter 'V'?

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What is the name of the peace treaty signed in Paris 1919 after WWI?
What name is given to a female fox?
In Norse mythology where was the 'Hall of the Slain'?
In Roman mythology who was the god of fire, volcanoes and metalworking?
Which type of pasta means 'little worms' in Italian?
By what name is the Russian city of Stalingrad now known?
Which is the fourth rank in the British peerage system, standing below an earl and above a baron?
Absorbic Acid, Retinol and Cholecalciferol are all types of what?
Which Hindu deity is the Supreme God of Vaishnavism and also known as Lord Narayana and Lord Hari?
Which spice is most widely used as flavouring in pastries, confections and other desserts?
Martini, Manhattan and Negroni cocktails all contain which type of fortified wine?
Who was the 15th century Prince of Wallachia commonly known as 'the Impaler'?
What name is given to a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease?
Which small rodent is commonly mistaken for a mole, gopher, mouse or rat?
Adder, Bushmaster and Copperhead are types of what?
Which city in Lorraine France saw a major battle February–December 1916 during WWI?
What name did the Vikings give to the area of North America discovered by Leif Erikson?
What sort of creature was 'Count Dracula' in Bram Stoker's book?
Which liquid is obtained by fermentation of dilute alcoholic liquids and used as a condiment?
Which Germanic tribe sacked Rome in AD 455?
Which Caribbean religious cult is characterized by sorcery and spirit possession?

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