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Can you name the people and events of the Tudor monarchs of England 1547-58 ?

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Forced Order
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Who became the third Tudor monarch in 1547?r1547-53
Which denomination of Chistianity did he follow?-
Who was the first leader of the Council and Lord Protector of the young king? 1547-49
Who led a rebellion in Norfolk against the enclosure of land?1549
Who became the second leader of the Council? 1549-52
Changes in theology and practices in church of along Protestant lines brought about which rebellion in 1549?1549
Which Protestant lady did he name as his successor?1553
What was the name of her husband?c1535-54
Which residence did she enter and never leave on 10th July 1553?1553
Who was crowned Queen of England on 1st October 1553? 1553
Who was her mother?1485-1536
Which denomination of Chistianity did she follow?-
What nickname was she given owing to her persecution of Protestants?-
Who was the leader of a popular uprising against Mary's upcoming marriage? 1554
Who did Mary marry on 25th July 1554?1527-98
What condition did she believe she was in beginning September?1554
Name either of the two Oxford Martyrs burned together at the stake 16th October 1555.1555
Which other martyr and former Archbishop of Canterbury was burned in Oxford on 21st March 1556?1556
What city was England's last possession in France, lost 1st January 1558? 1558
It is thought Mary I died of what disease on 17th November 1558?1558

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