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Can you name the people, places and events of England that begin with the letter 'S'?

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Edward Seymour, Lord Protector of England during the minority of his nephew King Edward VI was the Duke of ...........?
Which luxury hotel on the Strand in the City of Westminster opened in 1889?
A person who is born or lives around which northeastern city is sometimes known as a 'Mackem'?
Which former railway town in Wiltshire is home to the Steam Railway Museum?
What is the name of the nuclear reprocessing site in Cumbria, an off-shoot from the original nuclear reactor site at Windscale?
Henry 'Hotspur' Percy, son of the 1st Earl of Northumberland, was killed fighting Henry IV at which 1403 battle in Shropshire?
Which town in Essex is home to the world's longest pier at 1.34 miles long?
Which city in South Yorkshire had an international reputation for steel production in the 19th and 20th centuries?
What is the name of the village in Norfolk north of King's Lynn, site of a Royal House and estate?
Which major port is the largest city in Hampshire?
What name is given to a series of chalk cliffs in East Sussex in the South Downs between the towns of Seaford and Eastbourne?
What is the name of the motor racing circuit on the Northamptonshire- Buckinghamshire border that is home to the British Grand Prix?
Which city in Hertfordshire is named after the first British Christian martyr beheaded in AD 308?
Which cathedral city in Wiltshire was previously known as Sarum or New Sarum?
Which city in Staffordshire is considered to be the home of the pottery industry in an area known as The Potteries?
Which area of the City of London with a centuries-old meat market was a favourite place for public gatherings and executions?
Who did Anne Hathaway marry in 1582?
At which battle in Yorkshire 1066 did Harold Godwinson defeat the Viking King Harald Hardrada of Norway?
Which house in Buckinghamshire, home to an independent school, was the country seat of the Dukes of Buckingham and Chandos?
Who made the 70s albums 'Tea for the Tillerman', 'Teaser and the Firecat' and 'Catch Bull at Four'?

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