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Can you name the people, places and events of England that begin with the letter 'P'?

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Forced Order
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Which band recorded the concept albums 'The Dark Side of the Moon ', 'Wish You Were Here' and 'The Wall'?
What was the name of two British Prime Ministers, father (1776-78) and son (1783-1801; 1804-06)?
Which TV dramatist and screenwriter wrote the plays 'Brimstone and Treacle', 'Pennies From Heaven' and 'The Singing Detective'?
In which district of South London was the TV sitcom 'Only Fools and Horses' set?
What name is given to the 'massacre' in the crowd demanding parliamentary reform that occured at St Peter's Field Manchester in 1819?
Who invented the national Load Line that indicates the draft of a ship and the legal limit to which a ship may be loaded?
As Home Secetary, which Prime Minister 1834-35 & 1841-46 introduced a police force into London in 1829?
What is the alternative name for Whitsun or Whitsunday, the seventh Sunday after Easter?
At which city and county town of Lancashire did Oliver Cromwell defeat the Royalists and Scots in 1648?
Which town in West Yorkshire is known for its liquorice based cakes and who's castle was the site of the death of Richard II?
Which broadcaster and journalist interviewed many famous celebrities in his chat show on TV from 1971-82 and 1998-2007?
Which filmmaker of stop motion animation is best known as the creator of 'Wallace and Gromit' and 'Shaun the Sheep'?
Which low-rising mountain range is often described as the 'backbone of England'?
Who 'purged' the Long Parliament of supporters of Charles I in 1648?
From which port in Devon did the Mayflower sail for the Americas in 1620?
Who starred as Neil in 'The Young Ones' and had the hit record 'Hole in My Shoe' in 1984?
Who was the Anglo-American born in Thetford Norfolk who wrote the pro-revolutionary pamphlet 'Common Sense' in 1776?
Who was the naval administrator and MP famous for the diaries he kept 1660-69?
Which port and city in Hampshire is home to Nelson's HMS Victory?
Which London railway station is also the name of a fictional bear from Peru?

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