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Can you name the people and events of the fifth to eighth Plantagenet kings of England (Edward I - Richard II)?

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Forced Order
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Name either of Edward I's nicknames.-
As a prince, Edward I participated in which crusade?1271-72
Which country did Edward I subjugate?1277-83
Asked by the Scots to arbitrate in their succession dispute, who did Edward I choose to be king of Scotland?1292
Edward I summoned a parliament based on de Montfort's parliament of 1265. What is this parliament called?1295
Edward I defeated William Wallace at which battle?1298
Robert I 'the Bruce' defeated Edward II at which battle?1314
Name either of the two nortorious favourites of Edward II's reign.d1312; d1326
Edward II was deposed by his wife Isabella and her lover, what was his name?1326-7
In which castle in Gloucestershire was Edward II probably murdered?1327
Which on-off conflict with France did Edward III begin by claiming the French throne?1337-1453
Which famous battle did Edward III win in Northern France?1346
Which still used honour begun by Edward III is the highest order of chivalry existing in England?1348
Which mid 14th century pandemic is believed to have killed a third to a half of England's population? 1348-9
What nickname was given to Edward III's eldest son Edward of Woodstock?1330-76
Edward of Woodstock defeated and captured the French king John II at which battle?1356
Which revolt led by Wat Tyler occured early in Richard II's reign when he was fourteen years old?1381
What name is given to the group of five peers who effectively ruled for a period in Richard's reign?1388-89
Which Duke did Richard exile for ten years, changed for life a few months later?1399
Richard was deposed and probably murdered in which castle in Yorkshire? 1400

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