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Can you name the people and events of the first four Plantagenet kings of England (Henry II - Henry III)?

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Forced Order
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By what other name are the first four Plantagenet kings known?1154-1272
At which Assize or Council did Henry II introduce laws that fostered the methods that would eventually become trial by jury?1166
Which friend and Chancellor turned against Henry II after being appointed Archbishop of Canterbury?c1118-70
Henry II faced the 'Great Revolt' by three of his sons; Henry the Young King, Richard and who else? 1173-74
Richard I famously participated in which crusade?1189-92
Which Mediterranean island did Richard I conquer?1191
At which battle on the way to Jaffa did Richard I defeat Saladin?1191
Which Austrian Duke captured Richard I near Vienna as he was returning home overland?1192
Which castle or ch√Ęteau in Normandy did Richard I build and claim he could defend if it were made of butter? 1196-98
At which siege in France was Richard I killed by a crossbow bolt?1199
Name either of the nicknames given to King Johnr1199-1216
King John is said to have murdered his nephew, a potential rival to his crown. Who was he? 1203
King John lost Normandy and Brittany to Philip II of France at which battle?1214
Which famous document was John forced to sign (or seal) at Runnymede?1215
Which French prince did the barons declare king of England during the First Barons War against king John?1215
In which naval battle did the English defeat a French fleet during the First Barons War?1217
Which knight and Earl of Pembroke was instrumental in ensuring the young Henry IIII succeeded king John?1147-1219
Henry III began the reconstruction of which church as a tribute to Edward the Confessor? 1245
Which Earl of Leicester led the barons in the Second Barons War against Henry III and summoned the first assembly to be called a Parliament? 1265
Name either of the two major battles fought during the Second Barons War.1264;1265

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