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Can you name the people and events of the Norman kings of England?

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Forced Order
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Which Norman became king of England by winning the Battle of Hastings? 1066
Which 70 metres long embroidered cloth depicts the events leading up to and including the Battle of Hastings?c1070s
Which shadowy figure based on the Isle of Ely is said to have rebelled against William I?c1070
What is the name of the book that details the survey William I conducted on the wealth in England?c1066-88
By which oath did William I make his tenants-in-chief swear loyalty to him?1086
What was the name of William I's eldest son who became Duke of Normandy?c1054-1134
What was the name of William I's second son who was killed by a stag in the New Forest? c1075
What nickname was given to William I's third son and successor William II? r1087-1100
Which Bishop and half-brother of William I led the 'Rebellion of the Earls' against William II?1188
Who allegedly fired the arrow that killed William II in the New Forest?1100
What was the name of the ship in which Henry I's only legitimate son drowned?1120
What was his name? 1103-20
Henry I defeated his brother the Duke of Normandy in which battle that reunited England and Normandy?1106
Henry I try to leave the throne to his daughter on his death, what was her name?1102-67
Which grandson of William I usurped the crown?r1135-54
By what name is the civil war between Stephen and Matilda known?1135-54
Stephen was captured, imprisoned and deposed after which battle?Feb 1141
Stephen was released after forces raised by his wife won the siege and battle of which city?Sept 1141
Stephen lost Normandy to which Count of Anjou and husband of Matilda?1144
Which treaty did Stephen agree to that named Henry Plantagenet as his heir?1153

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