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Can you name the people, places and events of England that begin with the letter 'G'?

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The Palace of Placentia, birthplace of Henry VIII, Mary I and Elizabeth I stood in which Royal Borough of London?
What is the name of the 6th Duke of Westminster, reportedly the richest person in Britain worth £7.35bn?
What is the name of the London riots of 1780, an anti-Catholic protest against the Papists Act of 1778?
Which poet and writer wrote 'Good-Bye to All That', 'I, Claudius', and 'King Jesus'?
Which cathedral city on the river Severn was founded by the Romans as Colonia Glevum Nervensis?
King Alfred defeated which Viking leader and king of the Danelaw at the Battle of Edington in 878?
Which former major fishing port lies on the south bank of the Humber Estuary in Lincolnshire?
Margaret Thatcher was born in which market town in Lincolnshire?
Which town in northwest Kent, on the south bank of the Thames, stands opposite Tilbury in Essex?
Who was the RAF pilot who led 617 Squadron in the 'Dam Busters' raid of 1943?
Which poet and dramatist 1685-1742 is best remembered for the ballad opera 'The Beggar's Opera'?
Which town on the south bank of the river Tyne stands opposite Newcastle upon Tyne?
Which airport north of Crawley West Sussex is London's second largest international airport?
What is the name of the London theatre associated with Shakespeare built in 1599 and destroyed by fire in 1613?
King Arthur is said to be buried in which ruined abbey in Somerset?
Remains believed to be those of Richard III were recently discovered in the grounds of which former friary in Leicester?
Which band made the albums 'Nursery Cryme', 'Selling England by the Pound' and 'The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway'?
Which Earl and Prime Minister 1830-34 has a variety of tea named after him?
Which 18th century historian and MP wrote 'The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire', published in six volumes?
Which village in Cumbria is associated with the poet William Wordsworth and is also the name of one of the lakes in the Lake District?

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