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QUIZ: Can you name the people, places and events of England that begin with the letter 'F'?

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Who was the popular comedy actor, singer, songwriter and comedian of the 1930s and 40s who played the banjo ukulele?
In which castle in Northamptonshire was Mary, Queen of Scots executed in 1587?
Which large promontory on the coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire is defined as a Heritage Coast by the Countryside Commission?
What is the still used name of the street that was home to the London press until the 1980s?
Which town in Hampshire hosts a biennial seven-day international trade fair for the aerospace industry?
Who was captain of HMS Beagle during Charles Darwin's famous voyage, and as a pioneering meteorologist made accurate weather forecasting a reality?
Which park in Harringey north London, opened in 1869, is the site of various sports playing fields and rock concerts?
Which late TV personality was a well known interviewer of politicians beginning his career on the 60s TV show 'That Was The Week That Was'?
What is the name the fat, vain, boastful, and cowardly knight, a companion of the young Henry in Shakespeare's play King Henry V?
Which DJ of the 70s and 80s was nicknamed 'Fluff' and used the catchphrase 'Not 'arf'?
Which Royal Navy officer and crew disappeared in 1847 whilst charting a section of the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic?
What insulting name did Henry VIII give his fourth wife Anne of Cleves?
Which town on Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, was the first planned community of the Victorian era, building work beginning in 1836?
Which actor played the parts of Amon Goeth in 'Schindler's List', Count Almásy in 'The English Patient' and Charles Van Doren in 'Quiz Show'?
Which group recorded the albums 'Fire and Water', 'Highway' and 'Heartbreaker' and had the hit single 'All Right Now'?
What is the name of the miser and receiver of stolen goods who encourages child criminals in Dicken's novel 'Oliver Twist'?
Which town in Suffolk has the largest container port in the United Kingdom?
Putney Bridge on the river Thames links Putney to the borough of Hammersmith and ........?
A Butlins Holiday Camp was located for 40 years at which small town between Scarborough and Bridlington in North Yorkshire?
,What is the name of the village near York were the Viking Harald Hardrada defeated the Earls Edwin and Morcar on 20th September 1066?

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