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Can you answer these questions related to American people and events on the Fourth of July?

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From which country did the USA declare itself independent?1776
Which Military Academy officially opened in Orange County New York?1802
The purchase of which territory from France was announced to the American people?1803
The construction of which canal from New York to the Great Lakes began?1817
In which US state was slavery abolished?1827
The construction of the ....... and Ohio Railroad began. 1828
The patriotic song 'My Country, 'Tis of Thee' was first publicly performed in which city in Massachusetts?1831
Which US Territory now a state was split off from Wisconsin Territory?1838
Who moved into a self-built small wooden house by Walden Pond in Concord Massachusetts?1845
Which city in Idaho was founded ?1863
A fire started by a firecracker destroyed half of which city in Maine?1866
Who presented his first 'Wild West Show' in North Platte, Nebraska? 1882
Which statue was formally presented to the USA in Paris? 1884
Who defeated Jess Willard in Toledo Ohio to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion?1919
The first Japanese kamikaze attack on US warships occured near which Japanese Island?1944
Which country gained independence after 48 years of US sovereignty ?1946
The Independence National Historical Park was formally established in which city?1956
America's new 50-star flag honouring which new state was unfurled?1960
An estimated 140,000 people attended an international rock festival near which city in Georgia?1969
Bjorn Borg was defeated in the 95th Wimbledon Mens Tennis Championships by which player?1981
Which film directed by Roland Emmerich culminates in a last chance attack against aliens on the Fourth of July?1996

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