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Which Tartar known as 'the Lame' conquered large areas of Asia in the 14th century?
Which tropical American fruit-eating bird has a massive bill and brightly coloured plumage?
Which bulbous spring flower was subject to financial mania in 1630s Netherlands?
Which bone known as the shinbone is the largest bone between the knee and the ankle?
Which river is the longest in the Iberian Peninsula?
What is the medical name for the colloquially called windpipe?
What is the medical term for 'lockjaw'?
What name is given to a long high sea wave caused by such as an earthquake?
Who was the mythical founder-king of Athens who slew the Minotaur?
Blackbird, Fieldfare and Robin are all types of which species of bird?
Who succeeded Augustus as Emperor of Rome in 14 AD?
Which insect lives in large colonies typically within a mound of cemented earth?
Which very large hairy spider is found chiefly in tropical and subtropical America?
Archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of which 14th-century BC Egyptian pharaoh in 1922?
What name is given to an instrument consisting of a row of suspended metal tubes struck with a mallet?
Isaac Newton is generally credited with building the first of which reflecting instrument in 1668?
Which dinosaur has a Greek name meaming 'three-horned face'?
What name is given to the vast Arctic regions in which the subsoil is permanently frozen?
Which flexible fibrous collagen tissue attaches a muscle to a bone?
Associated with Indian cuisine, which clay oven is used in many Middle Eastern and South Asian countries for cooking?
What name is given to the two small masses of lymphoid tissue in the throat either side of the tongue?

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