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Name the following people and events associated with English history that begin with the letter 'T'.

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Who was the first female Prime Minister of the UK 1979-1990?
Which Royal House was founded by Henry VII in 1485?
Which royal palace and fortification was founded by William I in 1066?
Which author and university professor 1892-1973 wrote 'The Hobbitt' and 'The Lord of the Rings'?
Which poet 1809-92 wrote 'The Charge of the Light Brigade', 'Tears, Idle Tears' and 'Crossing the Bar'?
Who was the main leader of the 'Peasants' Revolt' of 1381?
Which highwayman executed 1739 is known for his fictional 200-mile overnight ride from London to York?
Which artist 1775-1851 painted 'Rain, Steam and Speed', 'The Fighting Temeraire' and 'Chichester Canal'?
Who was the mathematician 1912-54 instrumental in breaking the German code machine 'Enigma' in WWII?
Which novelist 1811-63 is best remembered for his for his satirical works, particularly 'Vanity Fair'?
Which notorious gallows erected in 1571 and last used 1783 stood near the present day Marble Arch in London?
Edward IV won which major battle in Gloucestershire in 1471 during the Wars of the Roses?
Who was the agriculturalist 1674-1741 who invented a horse-drawn seed drill in 1701?
Which Cornishman 1771-1833 built the first full-scale working railway steam locomotive in 1801?
Among which 19th century novelist works are six novels known collectively as the 'Chronicles of Barsetshire'?
What was the name of the last Whig Prime Minister and founder of the Liberal Party, Viscount Palmerston?
Who was the priest and scholar ca1494-1536 who translated and printed the first English Reformation bible?
Who was the military commander and Earl of Shrewsbury during the 100 Years War killed at Castillon 1453?
In which battle in Normandy 1106 did Henry I defeat and capture his brother Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy?
Who was Elizabeth I's nortorious priest-hunter, investigator and torturer 1531-1604?

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