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Can you name the So you think you know your UK Prime Ministers?

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CluePrime Minister
I led the country through most of WWII
You've never had it so good!
I was the only PM to be assassinated
As Secretary of State I was the driving force behind the Seven Years War
I made Queen Victoria Empress of India
The UK joined the European Community under my ministery
I led the country into the Crimean War
I am remembered for my appeasement policies toward Nazi Germany
I was the first PM under New Labour
Edward VIII abdicated during my third ministery
I was PM through most of the American Revolution
I gave my name to a type of tea
I was a father figure to the young Queen Victoria early in her reign
I am the UK's current PM
WWI began during my ministery
CluePrime Minister
I was PM during the Indian mutiny and founded the Liberal Party
The War of 1812 and the Peterloo Massacre occured in my ministery of fifteen years
The Suez Crisis emerged during my ministery
I was the last Liberal PM
I was the last Whig to be PM and the Great Exhibition was held during my first ministery
I introduced a police force into London before becoming PM
My ministery saw the foundation of the National Health Service
The Second Boer War occured during my third ministery
I was the UK's first Prime Minister
The lady's not for turning
I was the first Labour PM
I am the only man to be PM four times
I defeated Napoleon at Waterloo
The pound was devalued during my first ministery and Rhodesia declared UDI
I was the youngest PM ever and formed the Triple Alliance against France

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