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CluePrime Minister
I oversaw the United Kingdom's victory in the Napoleonic Wars
A Parliamentary expenses scandal arose during my ministery
I privatised many previously government-owned industries
I was initially appointed First Lord of the Admiralty
I purchased shares in the Suez Canal Company
Hong Kong was returned to China during my ministery
My Home Rule Bill for Ireland was thwarted twice during my ministery's
I am credited with the birth of the British Empire
I was known as 'the fat old squire of Norfolk'
Queen Victoria's 'Bedchamber Crisis' arose after my resignation
The 'Winter of Discontent' occured during my ministery
I precipitated the Seven Years War
The slave trade was abolished during my ministery
I was the first Scottish Prime Minister
The Indian mutiny occured during my second ministery
CluePrime Minister
The UK was forced to exit the European Exchange Rate Mechanism during my ministery
India gained independence during my ministery
I was the only Prime Minister whose mother tongue was not English
I died four months after taking office
The Second Reform Act of 1867 was passed during my third ministery
Charles de Gaulle vetoed my application to join the EEC
The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 occured during my ministery
The Entente Cordiale with France was agreed during my ministery
I introduced income tax in preparation for the Napoleonic Wars
I was the only Prime Minister born outside the British Isles
I was appointed head of a National Government in the 1930s
I told a blackmailer, 'Publish, and be damned' and fought a duel over the Catholic Emancipation Bill
The Corn Laws were repealed during my second ministery
I was among the primary architects of the Reform Act of 1832
Rhodesia was created during my second ministery

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