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On seeing my future wife for the first time, I said, “I am not well, pray fetch me a glass of brandy”
William Marshall played an instrumental part in my gaining the throne at nine years of age
When young I suffered from chronic stomach problems and knock knees, and was forced to wear painful corrective splints
I was the daughter of Henry, Duke of Suffolk and executed aged 16 or 17
I became king at ten years old and was soon subject to the Peasants' Revolt
It is thought that I suffered from the blood disease porphyria
My father was John of Gaunt, the third son of Edward III
At a time of crisis I refused Nicholas II sanctuary in Britain
The Catholic Bonnie Prince Charlie, the 'Young Pretender', invaded and tried to depose me
My relationship with my Scottish personal servant and favourite John Brown had the tongues wagging in my reign
James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, was executed after making an unsuccessful attempt to depose me
I appointed William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury and began a series of unpopular reforms
I was born in Pembroke Castle Wales the son of Edmund; my mother was Margaret Beaufort
I said that after I died they would find Calais engraved on my heart
I reigned for two months, my protector was the Duke of Gloucester
I was peaceable and pious and totally unsuitable for the violent events of my reign
I was decisively defeated by Robert the Bruce at the battle of Bannockburn
I was the son of Jane Seymour and Robert Kett's rebellion occured in my reign
I was concerned with ensuring that my son, Eustace, would inherit my throne; he never did
It is said I escaped from Oxford by fleeing across snow-covered land in a white cape
My nickname is Lilibet, the way I pronounced my name as a child
I was the victor of the battles of Towton, Barnet and Tewskesbury
I was 'The Wisest Fool in Christiandom'
The War of the Spanish Succession was fought during my reign
My court painter painted a nice picture of my future wife but she was a Flander's Mare
'.....to lay down, for my God, and for my kingdom, and for my people, my honour and my blood, even in the dust'
I was king but I did not marry nor produce any children, legitimate or otherwise
My wife died resulting in the Act of Settlement to secure a Protestant succession
I died after contracting dysentery during the siege of Meaux, France
The shadowy figure of Hereward the Wake is said to have rebelled against me
In my dotage at the end of my long reign I fell under the influence of Alice Perrers
The king before me was my nephew and the king before him my brother
I defeated my elder brother in battle and kept him my prisoner for the rest of his life
I took the cross after receiving news of the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin
I subjugated Wales but failed in my attempts to do likewise to Scotland
The fabricated Popish Plot occured in my reign
I was the Duke of Clarence and married in a double ceremony alongside my brother the Duke of York
My proposed marriage caused a constitutional crisis leading to the end my reign
The Entente Cordiale with France ending Britain's 'splendid European isolation' was agreed during my reign
I lost my French lands to the king of France Philip II
I imprisoned my wife for the last thirty years of her life in the Castle of Ahlden after her adultery
Despite my achievements I am mostly remembered for the murder of my Archbishop of Canterbury

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