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QUIZ: Can you name the So you think you know your kings and queens (2)?

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I tried to foster good relations between Great Britain and other European countries
The first assembly to be called a Parliament was summoned in my reign
The king previous to me swore to me he would not claim the throne; I defeated him in battle
Piers Gaveston and the de Spencers were great favourites of mine
Banishing Bolingbroke for life eventually cost me my throne and my life
My chief ministers were William Cecil and Francis Walsingham
I wrote a treatise called 'A Counterblaste to Tobacco'
Albert Frederick Arthur George; who am I?
I died before my barons could depose me in favour of Prince Louis of France
I was the only monarch to attend one of the three Imperial Durbar's held in New Delhi
'A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse'
I was the king's third son, the first was a duke, the second killed by a stag
I married Geoffrey of Anjou and was an Empress
My brother was Richard, Duke of York; we both died young
The Exclusion Crisis concerning my brother occured in my reign
I detested my wife so much I barred her from my coronation
I foiled the Southampton Plot on the eve of my French invasion
The Great Reform Act was passed during my reign
I seized the throne before my brother the Duke of Normandy could assert his claim
I tried to rule without a Parliament and was called a tyrant
I regretted executing my chief minister Thomas Cromwell
I tried to leave the throne to a Protestant rather than my Catholic half-sister
I was the last monarch of the House of Hanover
I was weak and dominated by my queen and my councils
My son Frederick died and the throne passed to my grandson
I was 6' 4' tall and some say I was the illegitimate son of a French archer
'Born and educated in this country, I glory in the name of Britain'
When my second wife gave birth to a son I was deposed
My son the Black Prince died and the throne passed to my grandson
I was friendly with Sarah Churchill and appointed her husband, John, Lord Marlbrough
The transition toward a Prime Minister and cabinet government began in my reign
I was captured at Lincoln and freed when exchanged for Robert of Gloucester
I am the only monarch buried in Canterbury Cathedral
I believed I was pregnant but eventually died of uterine cancer
I created a vast empire by marrying Eleanor of Aquitaine and then gaining England
I was killed in France by a crossbow bolt whilst fighting at the Siege of Chalus
I was appointed Governor of the Bahamas
I married the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark
I collapsed when I heard my eldest son Arthur had died
I was married to the Duke of Northumberland's son Guildford Dudley
I asked that my body be boiled and my bones be carried at the head of my army
We gained the throne when the king previous to us was deposed for being a Catholic

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