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Simon de Montfort led a rebellion against me because I favoured my French relatives
I am remembered for my extravagent building projects and debt when Prince of Wales
I am suspected of murdering my nephews in order to become king myself
I was a Yorkist and became king with the assistance of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick
I disastrously insisted on the Divine Right of Kings
A condition of our accepting the throne was to agree to the Bill of Rights
I was a Lancastrian, I ended the Wars of the Roses and married Elizabeth of York
I was a Protestant and became king after over 50 Catholic candidates were passed over
I reluctantly became king when my elder brother abdicated
I died brokenhearted owing to the revolts against me by my sons
My father was the Duke of York and I was born in a house in Bruton Street London
I married Philip of Spain and tried to reconcile England with Rome and Roman Catholicism
As Prince of Wales I undertook the first tour of North America by an heir to the British throne
I became heir apparent to Charles VI of France and married his daughter Catherine
The union of England and Scotland into Great Britain occured during my reign
I reigned ten years but spent only eight months in England
I was responsible for the Harrying of the North after a rebellion
I began well enough but was eventually deposed and murdered in Pontefract Castle
I was an openly Catholic king and was deposed in the Glorious Revolution
It's said I murdered a potential rival to my throne, my nephew Arthur of Brittany
My only legitimate son drowned in the White Ship and I never smiled again
I executed Robert Aske for leading the Pilgrimage of Grace against me
I was a popular Prince of Wales but threw it all up to marry Wallis Simpson
I deposed my cousin, sowing the seeds for the Wars of the Roses
The Rye House Plot was a plot to assassinate me owing to my Catholic sympathies
My father's involvement in Thomas Wyatt's rebellion led to my execution
My ascension to the throne of England created the Union of the Crowns
During my reign Parliament passed a bill allowing my son to rule as Prince Regent
I was one of the the two Princes in the Tower who disappeared
I was the last king to lead an army in battle
I changed the family name owing to it's German connections and reinvented the monarchy
I died young and was subject to the Protectors Somerset and Nothumberland
I was an unlikely king ascending the throne at age 64
I was deposed and murdered by my wife Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer
I seized the throne ahead of my cousin who was named queen by her father-king
I was subject to the Bedchamber Crisis shortly after beginning my reign
The Ridolfi, Throgmorton and Babington Plots were all plots to assassinate me
I was haughty and domineering and unable to realise my claim to the throne
As a prince, I took the cross and participated in the ninth crusade
I was the youngest ever to ascend the throne at nine months of age
I claimed the throne of France and started the 100 Years War
I was a strong but uncouth king and was killed hunting in the New Forest

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