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Can you name the British Admirals who fought these battles in the 18th and early 19th centuries?

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Lagos 1693 and Vigo Bay 1702
Cape Passaro 1718
Blockade of Porto Bello 1726-27
Porto Bello 1739 and Cartagena de Indias 1741
Toulon 1744
1st Battle of Cape Finisterre 1747
2nd Battle of Cape Finisterre 1747 and Quiberon Bay 1759
Minorca 1756
Lagos 1759
1st Battle of Ushant 1778
Grenada 1779
Cape St Vincent 1780, Martinique 1780, the Saintes 1782
Fort Royal 1781, St Kitts 1782
Dogger Bank 1781
Chesapeake 1781
2nd Battle of Ushant 1781
Providien 1782
Cape Spartel 1782, Glorious 1st of June 1794
Groix 1795
Cape St. Vincent 1797
Camperdown 1797
Algeciras Bay 1801
Cape Finisterre 1805
San Domingo 1806

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