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Can you name the monarch during these Plots, Rebellions, Invasions and Wars?

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Forced Order
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Name, Plot, Rebellion, Invasion, WarMonarchYear
Watt Tyler, Peasants Revolt
Titus Oates, Popish Plot
Robert I 'the Bruce', 2nd Scots Independence
Catholic Rising of the North
Owain Glyndwr's Rebellion
Hereward the Wake's Rebellion
Perkin Warbeck, Pretender
Robert Kett's Rebellion
Henry Bolingbroke's Invasion
Simon de Montfort, 2nd Barons' War
Thomas Wyatt's Rebellion
Southampton Plot
Isabella and Mortimer's Invasion
Empress Matilda, Anarchy
William Wallace, 1st Scots Independence
Name, Plot, Rebellion, Invasion, WarMonarchYear
Lambert Simnel, Pretender
Glorious Revolution
Robert Fitzwalter, 1st Barons' War
Anthony Babington's Plot
Parliament, Civil War
Robert Aske, Pilgrimage of Grace
Charles Stuart, Jacobite Rebellion
James Stuart, Jacobite Rebellion
Duke of Monmouth's Rebellion
Beginning of the Wars of the Roses
Robert Catesby, Gunpowder Plot
Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond's Invasion
Robert Devereux Earl of Essex Rebellion
Llewelyn ap Gruffydd's Rebellion
Jack Cade, Kent Rebellion

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