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This Frenchman founded New France, and Quebec city in 1608.
This Italian explored the Atlantic coast of North America in 1524
This Italian landed in Newfoundland in 1497
This English explorer is credited with discovering the source of the Blue Nile in 1862
This Spanish conquistador conquered the Incan Empire in the 1520's
This Portuguese was the first European explorer to navigate the coast of present day California in 1542
This Spaniard explored the south west of North America in 1540-42 and discovered the Grand Canyon
This Venitian made an epic journey to Asia 1269-93
This English explorer, second to the South Pole, died on his return journey in 1912
This Italian is traditionally credited with having discovered America in 1492
This Portuguese is regarded as the discoverer of Brazil in 1500
This Portuguese was the first European to sail round the tip of South Africa in 1488
This Englishman made three attempts to discover the Northwest Passage in 1576, 1577, and 1578
He was first Englishman to circumnavigate the world 1577-80
Disguised as a Muslim, this English explorer and linguist made a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1853
This Spanish conquistador conquered the Aztec Empire around 1520
This Spaniard is regarded as the first European to see the Pacific Ocean in 1513.
This Spaniard was the first European to cross the Mississippi River in 1541
This Frenchman mapped the Gulf of St Lawrence and claimed Canada for France during three voyages 1534-42
This Spaniard led the first European expedition to Florida seeking the Fountain of Youth in 1513
Cast adrift by mutineers whilst seeking the Northwest Passage, this Englishman disappeared in 1611
This Portuguese was the first European to sail to India, arriving 1498.
Originally intending to trade in the Far East, this English Navigator landed in Japan in 1600 eventually becoming a samurai
This Norwegian is believed to be the first European to land in North America c1000
This Scottish explorer was the first European to see the Niger River in 1796
This Norwegian explorer was the first to reach the South Pole in 1912
This Dutchman was the first to reach the islands of Tasmania and New Zealand in 1642
This Scottish explorer and missionary was the first European to see Victoria Falls in 1855
Famous for voyages in the Pacific, this Briton was the first to contact East Australia and Hawaii, and to circumnavigate New Zealand
A fleet led by this Portugese became the first to circumnavigate the world 1519-22

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