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Can you name the things in the natural world that begin with the letter 'P'?

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What name is given to a ground squirrel native to the grasslands of North America that lives in 'towns'?
Which male bird has long tail feathers with eye-like markings that can be erected and fanned out in display?
Which small oily fish within the herring family is also known as a sardine?
Which large non-venomous snake kills its prey by constriction and asphyxiation?
Plum, peach and apricot all belong to which genus of tree or shrub?
Which large tropical fruit consists of edible yellow flesh surrounded by a tough segmented skin?
Which Dolphin-like creature is a small toothed whale with a triangular dorsal fin and a blunt rounded snout?
Which long-bodied predatory freshwater fish has a pointed snout and large teeth?
Which microscopic organism drifting in the sea is the source of food for many large fish and whales?
Which type of North American pigeon had been hunted to extinction by 1914?
What name is given to small parrot with predominantly green plumage and a long tail?
Which large water bird has a long beak and a large throat pouch used for catching prey?
Which large American wild cat is also known as a cougar, mountain lion and panther?
Which Arctic seabird with a brightly coloured triangular bill is also called an auk?
Which large black and white flightless seabird is found mostly in Antarctica?
Which breed of toy dog shares its name with the French for 'Butterfly'?
Which falcon that dives on its prey from height can reach speeds of over 200 mph?
Which large shark found chiefly in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean is also called the mackerel shark?
Which rodent has a coat of sharp spines or quills that defends it from predators?
Which sharp-toothed South American freshwater fish has a reputation as a fearsome predator?
The flesh of which large round orange-yellow fruit with a thick rind is used in sweet or savoury dishes?

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