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Name the following people and events associated with English history that begin with the letter 'P'.

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The Palace of Westminster in London is more commonly known as the Houses of ......... ?
Which Royal House was founded by Henry II in 1154?
What name is given to the group of Puritans who sailed to the Americas in the 'Mayflower' 1620?
Which king of Spain sent the Spanish Armada against England in 1588?
Which sufferagette was the leader of the 'Women's Social and Political Union' established 1903?
Which Quaker 1644-1718 founded the city of Philadelphia 1682 and has a US state named after him?
Which MP and naval administrator 1633-1703 is best remembered for the diaries he kept 1660-69?
Who was Prime Minister 1834-35 and 1841-46, and as Home Secretary 1828-30 introduced a police force into London in 1829?
Henry John Temple, Prime Minister 1855-58 and 1859-65 is known as Lord ........ ?
15 people were killed in which 'massacre' that occured amongst a crowd demanding parliamentary reform in Manchester 1819?
Which battle did Robert Clive win in 1757 that gave the East India Company control over Bengal India?
Which classical scholar and politician 1912-98 is best remembered for his 1968 'Rivers of Blood' speech?
Which philosopher and chemist 1733-1804 invented soda water and is usually credited with the discovery of oxygen?
Edward 'The Black Prince' won which battle and captured the French King John in 1356 during the 100 Years War?
Which parliamentarian 1584-1643 was a prominent critic of Charles I and helped draft the 'Grand Remonstrance' of 1641?
Who was the last Roman Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury, holding the office 1556-58?
Which French controlled port in India did a British force capture following a siege in 1778 during the American Revolution?
Which cavalry commander led the charge of the heavy cavalry against d'Erlon's column during the Battle of Waterloo?
Who was the Benedictine monk and historian c.1200-59 best known for his illuminated manuscripts?
Who was the gardener, architect and MP best known for designing The Crystal Palace for the Great Exhibition of 1851?

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