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QUIZ: Can you answer these general knowledge questions that all begin with the letter 'N'?

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In Buddhism, what state of bliss or peace may be experienced in life or after death?
What name is given to a feudal Japanese mercenary highly trained in martial arts and stealth?
What name can be given to a female goat?
What do the Japanese call Japan?
Which small Arctic whale has a long forward-pointing spirally twisted tusk developed from one of its teeth?
Which Greek goddess of divine punishment is the agent of ones downfall, undoing, ruin or destruction?
Which city in Israel was the childhood home of Jesus?
Which southwestern American Indian tribe is the largest federally recognized tribe in the USA?
Which plant related to the potato typically has poisonous black or red berries?
Which low altitude cloud or cloud mass with ragged edges gives rain, sleet or snow?
Which fruit of the peach family has red, yellow, or white flesh and a smooth skin?
Which synthetic polymer was first produced by the American chemical company DuPont in 1935?
Windhoek is the capital of which African country?
Which fantasy world created by C.S.Lewis is the primary location for his series of seven novels for children?
Which form of magic involves communication with the deceased by summoning their spirit for the purpose of divination?
Who was the Roman god of the sea?
In Greek mythology who was the hunter who fell in love with his own image?
Which bird of the thrush family is noted for its rich melodious song, often heard at night?
The name of which 12th-13th century Gothic cathedral in Paris is French for 'Our Lady of Paris'?
Which Indonesian powdered spice is used to flavour a host of cakes, puddings, custards etc?
Which city in present day Iraq was the capital of the Assyrian Empire until destroyed in 612 BC?

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