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Name the following people and events associated with English history that begin with the letter 'N'.

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Which physicist and mathematician 1642-1727 is famous for his theories regarding gravity?
Which Admiral was killed at the Battle of Trafalgar 1805?
King William I was also Duke of which French region?
Who was the founder of modern nursing 1820-1910 known as 'The Lady with the Lamp' during the Crimean War?
In which midlands city did Charles I raise his standard in 1642 signalling the start of the English Civil War?
Which full-time professional army was formed by the Parliamentarians in 1645 during the Civil War?
Which inventor 1664-1729 created the first practical steam engine, used for pumping water?
The premier Dukeship of the peerage and title Earl Marshal of England belongs to the Duke of .......?
Who was the 16th Earl of Warwick 1428-71 known as the 'Kingmaker' during the Wars of the Roses?
Which village in Northamptonshire was the scene of the decisive battle of the English Civil War in 1645?
Who was Prime Minister of Great Britain 1770-82, most of the American Revolution?
Which architect 1752-1835 was responsible for much of the layout of Regency London including Regent's Park and Trafalgar Square?
Two of William I's sons, Prince Richard and William II, were killed in which wooded area located mostly in south-west Hampshire?
Thomas Pelham-Holles, Secretary of State for thirty years and twice PM in the 18th century was the Duke of ........?
Which Catholic Cardinal 1801-90 was a leader in the Oxford Movement that developed into Anglo-Catholicism?
Which prison used for over 700 years and demolished 1904 stood partially on the site of the present day Old Bailey in London?
Which author 1858-1924 wrote the children's stories 'The Railway Children' and 'The Wouldbegoods'?
Which Tudor palace in Surrey was so called because it was claimed there was no such palace elsewhere equal to its magnificence?
Which town in Berkshire was the scene of two battles of the English Civil War, in 1643 and 1644?
Who was Henry VIII's favourite and Groom of the Stool executed 1536 for an alleged affair with Anne Boleyn?

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