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Name the following people and events associated with English history that begin with the letter 'M'.

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Who is said to be the legendary wizard at the court of King Arthur?
What was the name of the ship that carried the 'Pilgrim Fathers' to the Americas in 1620?
What was the name of Robin Hood's legendary sweetheart?
Which Field Marshal was in command of all allied land forces on D-Day 1944?
Who was PM of the UK 1957-63, famous for saying 'You've never had it so good'?
Which author 1882-1956 is best known for the children's story 'Winnie-the-Pooh'?
Which poet 1608-74 was the author of 'Paradise Lost' (1664) and 'Paradise Regained' (1671)?
Who was the saint and lawyer executed by Henry VIII 1535 for refusing to swear to the Act of Supremacy?
Who was the Elizabethan dramatist and poet 1564-93 allegedly stabbed to death in a tavern brawl?
Which sculptor 1898-1986 is best known for his abstract bronze sculptures located around the world as public works of art?
The closure and destruction of religious houses under Henry VIII is known as the 'Dissolution of the ........?
Winston Churchill's ancestor John Churchill, victor of the Battle of Blenheim 1704 was the Duke of ....... ?
Born 1900, who was the last Viceroy of India (1947) and assassinated by the IRA in Ireland 1979?
What was the name of the daughter of Henry I who was the uncrowned Queen of England for six months in 1141?
Who was the aeronautical engineer who designed the WWII fighter aeroplane 'Spitfire'?
Which kingdom of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy was ruled by King Offa?
In which largest battle of the English Civil War did the Parliamentarians defeat the Royalists near York 1644?
Who was the mountaineer last seen with Andrew Irvine close to the summit of Mount Everest in 1924?
What name is given to the parliament called by Edward I in 1295?
Which General allowed the return of banned MP's into Parliamentin 1659 paving the way for the Restoration of Charles II?

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