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Can you name the things in the natural world that begin with the letter 'L'?

Quiz Updated Nov 10, 2017

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Which large marine crustacean has a cylindrical body, stalked eyes, and pincers?
Which small beetle with a domed back is typically red or yellow with black spots?
Which arboreal primate with a pointed snout and typically a long tail is found only in Madagascar and a few neighboring islands?
Which domesticated pack animal of the camel family is found in the Andes in South America?
Which small finch was very popular from the late 19th century as a cage bird because of its melodious song?
What name is given to any wingless, biting, parasitic insect that lives on birds, mammals, and humans?
What name is given to the soil-living larva of a large crane fly that damages roots and crops?
Which eel-like jawless fish is often parasitic, attaching itself to other fish and sucking their blood?
Which marine mollusk is proverbial for the way it clings tightly to rocks?
Which large plover typically has a black-and-white head and underparts and a loud call?
Which round, green, and sour citrus fruit is a good source of vitamin C?
What is the second-largest living cat after the tiger?
Chameleon, Gecko and Iguana are all types of which creature?
Which insect forms swarms or 'plagues' that severely damage crops?
Which cultivated plant of the daisy family has edible leaves that often feature in salads?
Which root vegetable looks similar to an onion but has a much milder taste?
Which small Arctic rodent related to the vole is known for the popular misconception that they commit mass suicide?
What name is given to a young sheep, especially under one year old?
Which retriever is often used as a guide dog for blind people?
What national flower of both India and Vietnam is commonly cultivated in water gardens?
Which big cat with dark spots is sometimes called a panther in its melanistic form?

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