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What is the capital of Tibet?
In the Bible, who was the archangel cast from heaven for leading a revolt of the angels?
What name is given to a stretch of water enclosed in an atoll?
Which flower is the national flower of India and Vietnam?
In Irish folklore what name is given to a sprite who enjoys partaking in mischief?
Which toy consisting of interlocking plastic bricks was first developed by the Dane Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1949?
What name is given to such as a physician who temporarily fulfills the duties of another?
Which disease which may be either 'wet' or 'dry' is also known as Hansen's disease?
What other name can be used for a scalpel?
Which eel-like jawless fish is often parasitic, attaching itself to other fish and sucking their blood?
Which insect forms swarms or 'plagues' that severely damage crops?
Which form of cancer usually begins in the bone marrow and results in high numbers of abnormal white blood cells?
What name is given to a speech impediment in which a person cannot articulate sibilants?
The adjective 'hepatic' refers to which organ of the human body?
The 100 Years' War battles of Crécy and Agincourt were primaly won with which weapon made of Yew?
Who was the trickster and god of fire in Norse mythology?
Which is the longest river in France?
Which domesticated pack animal of the camel family is found in the Andes South America?
Which low back pain is a common disorder believed to be due to problems such as muscle or joint strain?
Which retriever is often used as a guide dog for blind people?
Which small beetle with a domed back is typically red or yellow with black spots?

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