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Can you name the facts about King Henry V?

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Henry V belonged to which royal house?
In which castle in Wales was Henry born?
Who was Henry's father?
Who was Henry's mother?
What is the name of Shakespeare's fat jovial knight, companion of Henry in his supposed riotous youth
At age sixteen Henry took part in which battle against Owain Glynd┼Ár in 1403?
Which plot did Henry foil on the eve of his French invasion of 1415?
Henry's French invasion renewed which conflict between England and France?
Henry won which famous battle against the French on 25 October 1415?
Which treaty of 1420 recognised Henry as the heir and regent of France?
On 2 June 1420 Henry married which daughter of the French King Charles VI?
Henry died of dysentery during which siege of 1422?

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