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What name is given to a military or political group that rules a country after taking power by force?
Which Danish peninsula gives its name to the biggest naval battle of WWI in 1916?
Which largest big cat of the Americas is the third largest after the tiger and the lion?
Which hard, typically green stone is used as an ornamental stone in artwork and jewellery making?
What was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, in Virginia 1607?
Who was the two-faced Roman god of gates, doors and doorways?
Which small scavenging African mammal is related to the wolf, dog, and coyote?
Who was the Roman goddess of marriage and queen of the gods?
Which small crow typically nests in tall buildings and chimneys and is known for its inquisitiveness?
Which large vein is found in the neck?
In the Bible, the walls of which city fell to the sound of Joshua's trumpets?
What name is given to a celebration or party or a rally of Scouts or Guides?
In the Bible, which prophet was swallowed by a whale?
Which group of Ottoman infantrymen established 1380 became politically powerful and were suppressed 1826?
Which ancient still used Chinese flatbottom ship has a high poop and battened sails?
Who was the mythical founder of Japan and its first emperor?
Which medical condition often seen in hepatitis or liver cancer causes yellow discoloration of the eyes and skin?
Which Byzantine emperor 527-565 is known for his military triumphs, architectural activity and his law code?
Which Japanese combat sports name means 'gentle way'?
Which port on the Red Sea is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia?
Which dance originating in the US 1930s is performed to swing music or rock and roll?

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