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Can you name the people and events during the reign of Elizabeth I?

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In which palace was Elizabeth I born on 7th September 1533?r1558-1603
Elizabeth was accused of having an affair with who whilst living with her step-mother Catherine Parr? 1548
Which statesman was Elizabeth's Chief Advisor for most of her reign?1520-98
Who was Elizabeth's principle secretary and spymaster?1532-90
Who was Elizabeth's childhood friend, long term favourite and possible lover, the Earl of Leicester?1533-88
Elizabeth nearly died of what disease in 1562?1562
What rebellion occured in 1569 in support of Mary Queen of Scots becoming queen of England?1569
Which Pope excommunicated Elizabeth in 1570?1570
Who led a plot to assassinate Elizabeth and replace her with Mary Queen of Scots in 1570?1571
Which Duke involved in the plot was eventually executed in 1572?1536-72
Who did Elizabeth knight on his ship the Golden Hind after his circumnavigation?1581
Following another plot in 1583, whose plot in 1587 finally led to Mary Queen of Scots execution?1561-86
In which castle in Northamptonshire was Mary Queens of Scots executed?1587
Francis Drake raided which Spanish port in 1587 delaying the Spanish Armada for a year?1587
Which king of Spain sent the Spanish Armada against England?1588
At which port in Essex did Elizabeth deliver her famous speech to the troops about the Armada?1588
Elizabeth was enraged when her Lady of the Privy Chamber Elizabeth Throckmorton married without her permission. Who did she marry?1591
Which Elizabeth favourite attempted to depose her in 1601?1566-1601
What name is given to the speech Elizabeth delivered to her last parliament in 1601?1601
At which London Palace did Elizabeth die on 24th March 1603?1603

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