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What name is given to the politically driven civil conflict in Germany that followed WWI?1918-19
The German delegation signed which treaty in Paris in the aftermath of WWI?28th June 1919
What name is given to the republic founded in post-WWI Germany?Aug 1919
What name is popularly used for the NSDAP, the fledgling poltical party Adolf Hitler joined?on 12th Sept 1919
What name is given to the payments and transfers of property and equipment that Germany was forced to make following WWI?1921 on
Which area of Germany did the French occupy after Germany renaged on these payments?11th Jan 1923
Failed goverment moneteray policies led to very high prices for goods, an event known as ..........?1923
Inspired by Mussolini's 'March on Rome' of 1922, what name is given to the failed putsch attempted by Hitler in Munich?8th-9th Nov 1923
Which plan did the USA introduce to help Germany with its post-WWI payments via short term loans? Aug 1924
What event in the US made America call in the loans and led to business failures and widespread unemployment in Germany?Oct 1929
The election of 1930 led to huge gains for the Nazis and who else leaving them jointly in control of parliament?14th Sept 1930
Which event did Hitler blame on Communists allowing him to persuade President Hindenburg to suspend most civil liberties?27th Feb 1933
After several elections and with an unworkable goverment which office was Hitler appointed to on 30th January 1933?30th Jan 1933
Which act did the Nazis now force through parliament that gave Hitler dictatorial powers?23th Mar 1933
What name is given to the curbing of the Nazi street fighters (SA, Storm Troopers or Brownshirts) and execution of it's leader Ernst Röhm?30th June 1934
What organisation was entrusted with this task and rose in power under Heinrich Himmler?30th June 1934 on
What name is given to the laws that took away civil rights and citizenship from the Jews?5th Sept 1935
Which demilitarized area did German military forces occupy?7th Mar 1936
Which country ceased to exist after being annexed by Germany via 'the Anschluss'?12th Mar 1938
In which city was an infamous agreement made that granted the Czechoslovakian area of the Sudetenland to Germany?29th Sept 1938
What name is given to the Nazi attacks on Jewish synagogoues, businesses etc? 9th–10th Nov 1938
Which free city in the 'Polish Corridor' did Hitler demand be given to Germany precipitating WWII?1939
Within 5%, what is the maximum % of the popular vote the Nazis ever achieved before Hitler became dictator?31st July 1932

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