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Can you name the things in the natural world that begin with the letter 'K'?

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Which small shrimp-like planktonic crustacean of the open seas is eaten by a number of whales?
Which large Australian marsupial has a long powerful tail and strongly developed hindlimbs?
Which bird is often brightly coloured and typically dives for fish from a perch?
Which fibrous protein forms the main constituent of hair, hoofs, claws, horns, etc?
Which fruit, similar to an orange but smaller, has an edible sweet rind and acid pulp?
Which ornamental common carp was originally bred in Japan?
Which large seaweed grows in underwater 'forests' and has a long stalk divided into strips?
Which small gull nests in colonies on sea cliffs and has a loud call that resembles its name?
Which 'laughing' large Australian fish-eating bird used to be called the 'laughing jackass'?
Which small falcon with pointed wings and long tail typically hovers while searching for prey on the ground?
Which Australian marsupial feeds mostly on eucalyptus leaves?
Black-eared, Red and Swallow-tailed are all types of which small to medium sized bird of prey?
What name is given to the usually edible part contained within the shell of a nut or seed?
Which is the worlds largest lizard and found only in the Indonesian islands?
Which large black and white whale is known for hunting fish, seal and penguins?
Which brown or grizzly bear is found on islands to the south of Alaska?
What name is given to a herring that has been split, salted, and smoked?
Which North American hawk is known for its large wingspan, adventurous nature and poor vision?
What name is given to a young goat?
Which chicken-sized flightless bird is native to New Zealand?
What name is given to a small shelter for a dog?

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